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Which of your formula for my pet

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2016 06:29PM EST
Our diets are formulated for all life stages which means it is appropriate and well suited for all dogs or cats from infancy through senior years.  It is also well sited for all breeds, sizes.  Please take a moment to read our relevant page:  

We do not formulate for disease specifics, however due to the excellent quality and formulations we hear hundreds of phenomenal stories championing how our diets have make astounding improvements of certain adverse conditions in peoples pets.  The holistic approach of healing the body through wholesome nutrition is a practice that benefits both humans and pets alike.  

All of our formulas are formulated using American Animal Feed Control Officials guidelines for "All Life Stages" and the U.S. government's National Research Council's "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats." Our nutritional and feeding philosophies are based on the higher proteins and fats with lower carbohydrate levels and are reflective of diets of undomesticated wild carnivores. 

Our feeding instructions are "guidelines" only, observe your pets' activity levels and metabolisms and adjust the quantities fed to your animals based upon their individual activity, metabolisms, environmental conditions and weights. 

Puppies and kittens need up to 3 times the amount of food for their body weights than older or senior animals due to their very active state, which causes them to burn calories at a much higher rate.  Working and very active pets, should also be fed larger portions to provide calories burnt off during high activity.  

Studies have pointed to drawbacks of feeding the same food for extended periods which may allow for some animals to develop allergies to some foods.  We recommend rotating through each of our formulas every 2-3 months to allow your pet's system to absorb the nutritional benefits of the variety of optimum fresh and healthy ingredients found in our diets.  All of our formulas are different enough in composition to provide a varied diet with high levels of nutrition which eliminates the propensity of developing food intolerance.

We invite your pet to join our pack and enjoy the benefits of our performance diets.

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