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Why does Timberwolf Organics use whole grains instead of flours?

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2014 12:02PM EDT
Centuries ago, wheat was known as the "staff of life." Whole grains, which include the germ, bran, middling and endosperm, provide much more than just carbohydrates. They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, phtyonutrients, fiber and oils.

Unfortunately, too many pet food companies use refined flours (white flour, white rice, corn meal, etc.), which are almost completely devoid of nutrients and essential fatty acids. The primary reason most companies use flours is because they are highly digestible. However, diets high in refined carbohydrates are treated as sugar by the dog's system. A recent study revealed that within two hours of ingesting a diet high in refined carbohydrates, blood glucose levels had increased to 50% above the base level. Within four hours, blood glucose had dropped to 50% below the base level. These wild swings in blood glucose can overtax the pancreas and possibly lead to hypoglycemia, diabetes or pancreatitis.

Grains comprise only 25% of total weight in our Originals formulas because of the high levels of meat proteins and fats. We feel it safe to say that there are not many wolves roaming in corn or wheat fields.

Some other "natural foods" also use whole grains and spend a lot to advertise that fact. The drawback is that these formulas are comprised of a high percentage of grains, just as most commercial foods have a high percentage of flours. Whole grains, however, contain a high level of fiber and other components that are hard to digest, thereby causing large stool volume, problems maintaining weight, mediocre coat growth and other problems. We still feel that by using whole grains, which are freshly ground as soon as possible before extrusion in our formulas, we are providing salubrious benefits to your pet. However, because they comprise a small percentage of the total formula, you avoid adding the above mentioned problems into the bargain.

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